We’re working to unite the scientific field — across disciplines — around single ventricle work. We created touchpoints for the investigator community to share information in a useful way. 

Our Additional Ventures Speaker Series and annual Single Ventricle Investigator Meeting allow for diverse investigators to share knowledge, identify challenges, and exchange ideas to inspire innovative approaches to this complex disease. 

Speaker Series

Our multi-part virtual seminar series tackles diverse topics within and adjacent to the single ventricle field through the lens of investigators.

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Single Ventricle Investigator Meeting (SVIM)

Our annual scientific meeting highlights the latest findings and exciting new directions within the multidisciplinary landscape of single ventricle heart defects. Meeting registration is now OPEN! Learn more about our flagship event and get involved today.

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Featured Investigators

Our outstanding, multidisciplinary investigators are already making an impact across the single ventricle research space. Read more about our featured investigators!

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