The science is clear – to limit warming to 1.5°C the world must aggressively reduce emissions and permanently remove hundreds of billions of tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere this century. The challenge is urgent and massive, and yet: it is also tractable.

We are funding R&D to create solutions that can safely remove CO2 at costs consistent with gigaton scale. We are championing policies that will catalyze these solutions. And we are helping to ensure that solutions are developed and deployed equitably. Our work is particularly focused on ocean removal solutions because of their enormous potential.

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Carbon to Sea Initiative

Additional Ventures created and spun out the Carbon to Sea Initiative, an ambitious effort to advance ocean alkalinity enhancement (OAE) as a potentially safe and scalable method to remove atmospheric CO2. Carbon to Sea supports rigorous scientific research, innovative engineering work, and prudent policy development. It is funded by leading philanthropies committed to climate research and ocean conservation.

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