Biomedical Research

Enabling Discovery in Single Ventricle Research

April 11, 2023

We believe that single ventricle heart disease is solvable – and with the right tools, ideas, and people, we can move towards a functional cure for our patients. Our 2021-2022 Biomedical Research Annual Report is out now – read more about our mission to find a functional cure for single ventricle.

Our cumulative work creates a launching pad to enable discovery in single ventricle research – and the single ventricle research community is poised to make enormous leaps in our understanding and treatment of single ventricle heart defects.

Through coordinated interdisciplinary work, dynamic teaming, and flexible funding, we can find a functional cure for single ventricle heart defects. In the past year, we invested over $18.76M for research and infrastructure development, including funding for 44 studies, all guided by our strategic pillars: Building Foundational Resources, Making Targeted Investments, Supporting Team Science, and Creating Community.

Check out our Annual Report detailing our approach, perspectives, and progress spanning July 2021 – June 2022.