Support for the next generation of scientists means investment in the future of the field.

The Catalyst to Independence Award is a transition award that supports the next generation of researchers, catalyzing their careers and efforts to solve the biggest questions in single ventricle heart disease and related fields.


Catalyzing the Pathway to Independence

The future of the field depends on the next generation of scientists. The Catalyst to Independence Award provides research and career development support to investigators during the later stages of a mentored postdoctoral research position (Level I) through the transition to an independent tenure track research position (Level II).


Award Amount

Up to $1M to be utilized over up to 5 years


Letter of intent rolling submission: January 11 – March 14, 8 PM EDT

Scientific proposal due: April 18, 8 PM EDT

Personal statement due: June 6, 8 PM EDT

Finalist interview: August 1-23

Notification of award: September 30, 2024

Funding begins: January 1, 2025


Supporting People and Projects

In addition to generous research funds, the award provides additive programming and financial assistance to equip investigators with the skills, tools, and support they need to thrive as leaders of outstanding independent research programs.

Research Focus Area

Additional Ventures is on a mission to solve single ventricle heart disease, guided by our Research Roadmap to address the critical knowledge gaps within this field and beyond. The Catalyst to Independence Award provides support for outstanding investigators pursuing topics relevant to single ventricle heart disease and aligned with the specific focus areas in the Roadmap – genetics, basic cardiovascular development, tissue engineering, computational modeling, and other relevant areas.


Up to $1M for research, awardee, and lab-support staff



Opportunities to network with Catalyst Awardees and Additional Ventures investigators through sponsored events



Individual career-coaching and skill-building opportunities


Previous Catalyst to Independence Award Cycles

The inaugural cohort of awardees includes three outstanding early career investigators whose innovative, transformative research has enormous application to the understanding and treatment of single ventricle heart disease. Read more about our Catalyst to Independence Award recipients here and here.


Eligible applicants must meet each of the General Eligibility Requirements listed below:

  • Applicants must have earned a PhD, MD, DO, or doctoral equivalent more than 1 year prior to the application due date and must have held their current role for at least 1 year.
  • Applicants must have current postdoctoral fellow or instructor status (or equivalent) and be in non-independent, mentored positions.
  • Applicants cannot concurrently hold a transition award from another organization and must commit to a minimum 9 calendar months (75% of the year) dedicated effort to the proposed work.
  • All applicants must be affiliated with a domestic nonprofit academic or research institution, including public/private academic universities or institutions of higher learning (including colleges, universities, medical schools, and other related academic research institutions); certain qualified governmental agencies with active biomedical research programs may also meet eligibility criteria.
  • Applicants must be legally qualified to work in the US (including citizens, non-citizen permanent residents, or temporary residents of the US). Immigration-related matters and visa applications are the responsibility of the fellow and sponsoring institution.


Potential candidates are encouraged to discuss their individual situation with Additional Ventures program staff. Please contact us at Applicants from historically excluded and underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.


Additional Ventures utilizes a multi-step application process that includes rigorous evaluation at each stage. The application stages are outlined below and applicants should see the full RFP for complete details on the review process.

  • LOI Rolling Submission – Evaluation of eligibility and proposed project alignment.
  • Invited Scientific Proposal – External expert review of the proposed research project.
  • Invited Personal Statements – Programmatic fit assessed through short answer prompts.
  • Finalist Interview – Holistic evaluation via virtual meeting with applicant and mentor.
  • Awardees Announced – Finalists selected for funding are announced.

We are committed to facilitating an application process that both increases the impact and success of applicants. Thus, applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with Additional Ventures program staff prior to submitting a letter of intent. Contact us at for guidance on program scope or to seek feedback on proposal fit.