Expansion Award

Our Expansion Award enables teams to add new single ventriclefocused approaches and directions to their current work by providing a one-time grant of $50,000. This small but mighty grant is open to both new and established investigators within the single ventricle research community – and has a submission and award process that occurs in under two months’ time, spring-boarding these studies forward, faster.

What Science Fits

Expansion Award funds can be used to expand upon the scope, impact, or breadth of currently funded projects (“parent projects”), active through December 31, 2023, to achieve either of the following: 

A)   Expansion of existing single ventricle studies through the use of additive technology, approaches, or tools. Open to investigators with current, ongoing studies focused on understanding or treating single ventricle heart defects and/or their related sequelae. Previous awardees in this category have proposed to support the following:  

  • Equipment acquisition (e.g., bioreactors, microscopes, 3D printers, computers)  
  • Expansion of clinical studies to additional study sites 
  • Computational tool or software development  
  • Sample preparation, data storage or processing (e.g., for large scale sequencing, proteomic, or computational projects)  

B)   Addition of single ventricle-directed aims to ongoing studies. Open to investigators with current awards in any adjacent field seeking to apply technology or findings to single ventricle for the first time. Previous awardees in this category have proposed the following:  

  • Assessment of gene or molecular candidates in the context of single ventricle (after identification in other studies) 
  • Application of computational tools for single ventricle populations (after validation for other patient populations) 
  • Assessment of novel biomarker or intervention for single ventricle populations (after validation for other populations) 

Competitive applications must provide a credible and realistic discussion of how the award will expand the scope, expedite time to completion, or otherwise increase the scientific interest or impact of an existing project. 

Who Can Apply

Proposed projects must be led by Principal Investigator(s) (PIs) who hold doctoral degrees (e.g., PhD, MD, PsyD, or equivalent) and are listed as a PI on a parent grant funded through Dec 31, 2023. Eligible PIs include both mentored and independent investigators, including professors, instructors, research associates, and postdoctoral or medical fellows. 

Previous Expansion Award Cycles

Since the first Expansion Award cycle in 2021, we have funded 10 projects annually, with work ranging from developing machine learning algorithms to the addition of novel single-cell ‘omics techniques to develop regulatory maps. More information about our previous Expansion Award recipients can be found in our awards database! 


Deadlines are subject to change at the discretion of Additional Ventures in response to nationally or globally relevant events, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Any date that falls on a weekend will default to the next Monday.

Award Amount

Up to $50,000 for one year


Proposals due:

May 4, 8 PM EDT

Awardees announced:

June 8, 2023

Funding begins:

July 1, 2023