New Frontiers in Single Ventricle Gene Regulation


Session Description: Our understanding of both normal cardiac development and single ventricle molecular etiology focuses largely on regulation of gene expression at the transcriptional level. However, groundbreaking genetic, developmental, and epidemiological studies have identified key roles for RNA-based regulation of gene expression in SV models and HLHS patients. This session will (1) highlight these advances to make the case that understanding RNA-based regulatory mechanisms will lead to improved understanding of cardiac development and single ventricle genotype-phenotype relationships, (2) foster discussion among pioneers on ongoing work in understanding RNA-based regulation, and (3) introduce powerful novel resources (experimental tools, computational methods, and databases) that will empower the single ventricle research community to investigate RNA-based regulation.


Susan Liao, PhD, New York University


Muge Kuyumcu-Martinez, PhD, University of Virginia

Nathan VanDusen, PhD, Indiana University


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