Single Ventricle Research Fund (SVRF)

This funding opportunity is now closed — 2022 topic selections will be announced next spring.

The Single Ventricle Research Award is an annual program that provides up to $200,000 per year for up to three years for research projects relevant to the annual topic area. Each year, we review the field and select a targeted research topic from within our Research Roadmap that we feel will create an outsized impact in furthering the understanding of single ventricle heart defects.

Who Fits

Proposed projects must be led by principal investigator(s) who hold doctoral degrees (e.g. PhD, MD, PsyD, or equivalent doctorates). Eligible investigators include independent investigators of all levels (including those with Instructor or Assistant Professor status).

Collaborative proposals (e.g., includes multiple lead investigators who make significant contributions) are encouraged. One principal investigator must be selected as the primary contact, with all other lead investigators listed as co-investigators.

Up to five (5) co-investigators may be added to each project, and they must meet the same eligibility requirements as the principal investigator.

What Fits

We are calling for proposals for the 2021 SVRF that address the following research focus area:

Identification and investigation of cardiac developmental pathways and mechanisms to increase fundamental knowledge of heart development; applied, but not limited, to the following areas of interest:

  • Pre- and neonatal physiology
  • Developmental systems biology
  • Remodeling potential and plasticity
  • Mechanical, genetic, and biological factors
  • Cardiogenesis and cell fate
  • Placental and maternal health

Submitted proposals may span multiple areas of interest.

Deadlines are subject to change at the discretion of Additional Ventures in response to nationally or globally relevant events, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Any date that falls on a weekend will default to the next Monday.

Previous SVRF Cycles:

In 2020, we focused our program on non-invasive interventions and biomarkers, with an emphasis on multi-disciplinary approaches, and funded 17 outstanding research teams, totaling $9.95M. This year, we accepted proposals focused on the identification and investigation of cardiac developmental pathways and mechanisms to increase fundamental knowledge of heart development. Awardees will be announced in December 2021.

Award Amount

Up to $600,000 in direct costs to be utilized over three (3) years


Program opens:

June 15, 2021

Letters of intent due:

August 1, midnight PT

Full proposal invitations:

Within 72 hours of submission (rolling)

Full proposal due (invite only):

October 1, midnight PT

Awardees announced:

December 15

Anticipated funding:

January 15