Biomedical Research

Connecting the Dots: Impactful Initiatives and Investments in Single Ventricle Research

September 5, 2023

Through coordinated strategic and interdisciplinary work, we’re connecting the dots, creating new junctions, and activating novel pathways to strengthen community in the single ventricle research space. We’re proud to share our 2022-2023 Annual Report – and highlight the people, projects, processes, and programs working towards finding a functional cure for single ventricle heart disease.

Our third full year as a foundation brought many opportunities for firsts – convening our first in-person Single Ventricle Investigator Meeting with over 170 attendees; hosting our first investigator-driven open call for the Single Ventricle Research Fund with 15 newly awarded teams; and supporting the next generation of scientists with the first cohort of Catalyst to Independence Award recipients. These milestones are invigorating our dynamic community and strengthening the foundation of resources and investments across single ventricle research – and together we are affecting meaningful change for the patients and families impacted by single ventricle heart disease.

By connecting the right people, building the right resources, and galvanizing the community, we are accelerating scientific progress, amplifying our impact, and expediting our path towards curative solutions for single ventricle heart disease.

To date, we’ve invested over $62M towards research and development in the single ventricle space. And we’re inspired to aim even higher. In our next year, we’re launching new initiatives that will generate foundational resources to scaffold our understanding of single ventricle origins and outcomes, support collaborative team science projects anchored in establishing predictive and preventative care, and bolster our scientific community with opportunities for engagement, intersection, and connection.

Check out our Annual Report to learn more about our programs, perspectives, and progress spanning July 2022 – June 2023.